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Midpoint to Hailey
Arrow Rock
Project: Gateway

Timberline Surveying is currently under contract with Power Engineers for Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power on the Gateway West 500KV Transmission Line, which begins at the Hemingway Substation southwest of Boise, Idaho and ends near Casper, Wyoming. Timberline Surveying is providing all surveying services for the Idaho portion of this project which is in excess of 600 miles of new transmission line.

Timberline Surveying has provided the control for design and construction, including processing our established Control Network, which includes 39 NGS Stations and 150 Control Points, all adjusted to the 2007 EPOCH coordinates. We utilized OPUS when available as a check. Timberline Surveying is in the process of defining ownership and boundary along the proposed routes. We are coordinating access with the State, Federal, and private owners. We will be locating in excess of 2,000 GLO monuments and resolving over 1300 parcel boundaries to help us provide all necessary surveying services for obtaining easements, leases and right of ways for this project. Timberline Surveying will be locating all utility crossings along the proposed routes, provide all necessary staking and as-builts for the construction phase of the project. Currently the project is scheduled to go on-line late 2019